Over 70 UAL freshers, current students and alumni, who are from Taiwan, Mainland China and Hong Kong, have attended the 100% Fresh party hosted by the UAL Taiwanese Society to celebrate the opening of a new academic year at the Hub.

Committees of the Society, including the Chairmen Shih-Yu Yen, Dub and Yoanna, have taken time to share their experiences in living in London, as well as all the essential information about University of the Arts London, in order to help the freshers to settle in, before the party kicks off.

With cheap drinks at the Hub and amazing music that gives the buzz to the party, everyone in the party has had an enjoyable time meeting and mingling with new people.

Yen, the Chairman of the Society, said, ‘I hope the information will be useful to all the freshers, and I hope the new comers will carry on coming to our events , so that we can make fully use of the Taiwanese and Chinese connection here.’

by Cherry

十月十號在No.65 Davies street Student Hub 舉行的100%鮮迎新活動圓滿的的落幕了。UAL台灣學生會很榮幸的邀請到第二屆學生會會長 Ryan Lee以及Kings college 前會長Wen-Tao Chan和許多住了十幾年的的台灣Londoner到現場為今年剛到倫藝的台灣新鮮人打打氣,傳承學習及生活經驗。學生會幹部為新生們準備的小簡報,介紹台灣學生會的運作還有生活省錢小撇步。
這天,七十位倫敦藝術大學新鮮人齊聚一堂,聊天,分享,學習,為嶄新的學期一起衝刺。最後感謝台灣 DJ Monsta所帶來的音樂。

活動照片請看: http://www.wretch.cc/album/UALTWS


by Yoanna

UAL Taiwanese Society website


UAL Taiwanese Society 誠摯邀請您的加入,我們需要你


十月二十四號 故鄉風味台灣情 台灣小吃節活動熱情登場

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