What is SUARTS?

SUARTS is the student representative body for the 26,000 students spread across all 6 colleges of the University of the Arts London. Elected student officers and a dedicated staff team provide students with advice, support and representation during their time of study. SUARTS also provides opportunities for students to socialise, network and develop skills through a diverse range of services. www.suart.org

What is the Sports and Societies Federation?

After listening to feedback from our members, we have introduced a ‘federation’ new for the start of the academic year.

What does this mean to me?

  • More funding availible to Sports and Societies.
  • Organised campaigning for better facilities
  • More events and activities

Download document:   Sports and Societies Information (word doc)


What is the Taiwanese Society ?


The UAL Taiwanese Society is established to strengthen the connection and bonding between Taiwanese students who are now currently studying in UAL. Further more, to help forward applying to opportunities of collaboration and cooperation with the creative industry, and promote Taiwanese Culture. Students from all over the world who are interested in Taiwan and Taiwanese Culture are also welcomed. The Society is a non-profitable, non-political and non-religious organization.


  1. Provides a platform for Taiwanese students in UAL to know and meet each other, and for further communication and negotiation.
  2. Broaden students’ view and connection to people from different professions and cultural backgrounds, and share the variety of various cultures.
  3. Collaborates with the creative industry to hold events and exhibitions in order to enhance and develop students’ practical experiences as a preparation for their future career.
  4. Together, explore and redefine the value and position of Taiwanese in the globe.

 To help Taiwanese student build up confident and self-identification, develop connections between people all over the world, share of different culture experience and catch up with latest stream of creative industry.

* Meet new people

* Put something extra on your CV

* Develop new skills & knowledge

* Organise events & exhibitions

* Try something new

* Make a better career opportunity outside the University


  1. Elects Rep from each college as society’s contacts.
  2. Build up an information web conducts all the Taiwanese students in UAL.
  3. Welcome students from different countries to join the society, together share and experience Taiwanese culture.
  4. Holds a variety of events, exhibitions and design contests for students.
  5. Promote the genuine culture of Taiwan and reinforce the global image of Taiwan.