Jump Boys! (Fan gun ba! Nan hai)
Taiwan. Dir. Yu-Hsien Lin. 84 mins. Colour.
Languages: Mandarin with English Subtitles
No videogames or McDonald’s after school: no matter how painstaking the training, these young gymnasts never give up. Each comes from a different background with a different temperament, the only common thing between them is — they never quit. As one puts it, “I must endure the pain! I must persevere no matter how hard it is, no matter how many times I fall or how much it hurts.” An often humorous study of the relationship between the coach and his charges, JUMP! BOYS also offers insight into the broader world of sports in Taiwan.


VENUE: University of the Arts London,
65 Davies Street, London, W1K 5DA
(Nearest Tube station: Bond Street)
TIME: Friday 17th April, Start 06.45pm

FREE Entry


Taipei Bohemians
Taiwan. Dir. Hung Hung. 55 mins. Colour
Language: Mandarin with English Subtitles,
DVD Projection

Seven desparate figures are bound together in this film by their passion for theatre. When the stage calls, they instantly drop what they are doing and respond; despite hardships and extremely meager pay, they hold themselves to the most exacting artistic standards.

VENUE: University of the Arts London,
65 Davies Street, London, W1K 5DA
(Nearest Tube station: Bond Street)
TIME: Friday 17th April, Start 08.30pm

FREE Entry

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Young Filmmaker Showcase
Over 11 of the most engaging and entertaining short films from new and up and coming talent from Taiwan. Includes a selection of previous Golden Harvest Winners. Showcase takes place from 12pm – 6.30pm.

VENUE: University of the Arts London,
65 Davies Street, London, W1K 5DA
(Nearest Tube station: Bond Street)
TIME: Friday 17th April, 12pm – 6pm.

FREE Entry

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Join us on April 15th at 5.15pm for the opening panel discussion on recent trends in Taiwanese cinema with the topic…

Taiwanese Cinema: A new trend of sustainable success or bubble waiting to burst?

Key Issues Addressed:   1) Rise of East Asian film success (notable impact of Mainland China) 2) implication for more regional co-production 3) Cape No 7 and what it’s commercial success represents 4) a recent rich trend of films that will dry up in 2009/10?

Cost: FREE ENTRY – no need to reserve a ticket just show up


Venue:  University of the Arts London, 65 Davies Street, London, W1K 5DA (Nearest Tube station: Bond Street)


5.15pm – doors open – 5.30pm Introduction and Panel Discussion Commences,

6.30pm – Q & A – Close 7pm


Panel Speakers:

Professor Chris Berry

Professor of Film and Television Studies and Co-Director of the Goldsmiths Leverhulme Media Research Centre

Current professional work centres on Chinese cinemas (including those of the People’s Republic, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and diasporic China). It has also extended to cover Chinese television, Chinese independent video documentary, Chinese new media and computer-mediated communication, Korean cinema, queer Asian cinema, and more. His interests include cinema’s role in the production of national, transnational, and local cultures and identities, and the connection between cinematic forms and socio-political developments, for example the connection of realism and melodrama to modernity, or the development of Chinese television and independent documentary and the expansion of public discourse.

Xiao Xiao Sun

Festival Director Filming East Festival

Xiaoxiao Sun works in London and Beijing as Producer at WildAid and organises the largest UK-based Chinese independent film festival: Filming East Festival. She holds a Master’s degree in Documentary from Royal Holloway University of London and BA degree in Film and TV Production at Communication University of China. She is a  columnist and award-winning director of Monterrey International Film Festival, Sony China National Film Award, DongSeo Korea International Film Festival, Cotswold Film Video Festival, CON-CAN International Movie Festival etc, and commissioned by a few professional Artist / theater / filmmaker / curators schemes in the UK. 

Mike Murphy

Journalist – Jade Magazine

Mike has been an avid fan of Hong Kong cinema and particularly the martial arts and action genres since watching Bruce Lee from a very young age. Having spent many of his years watching and studying Hong Kong cinema, he began writing for the film website “Hong Kong Cinemagic” in 2005, which he still contributes to today. Last year he joined Screen Power Publishing and writes for their two bi-monthly magazines; “Screen Power” – The Jackie Chan Magazine, and “Jade Screen” – The Asian Movie Magazine. Recently he also became Asian Sub-Editor for “Combat”, a monthly martial arts magazine. He is currently completing work to be featured in a new book about legendary actor/director Sammo Hung, published by the Screen Power Group.



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(最近地鐵站:Marbel Arch



有意願者請向Tommy連絡,Mail: tommyhaha0@googlemail.com
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跟藝術家,藝評人Craig Kao 到西倫敦的藝術之家”Camden Arts Centre”。來看英國女畫家Liz Arnold的小瓢蟲科幻世界,還有羅馬尼亞藝術家Mircea Cantor在倫敦藝術界目前最具爭議性的金籠孔雀作品。 一個上午,與你輕鬆分享欣賞現代藝術的小竅門,如何用你的語言及觀察來跟現代藝術對話 ,歡迎各種背景的朋友,不需要有藝術或相關背景。


日期: 45


時間: 10:30am – 12:30pm


最近地鐵: Finchley Road Station (Jubilee Line, Metropolitan Line, 請觀察當天地鐵情況 )


集合地點 : 10:30 am Finchley Road Station 門口 ,一個出口


人數有限: 12個人




請用email報名,請留下姓名Email, 還有手機連絡方式


報名方式 Email, Craig Kao craigkao@googlemail.com


參考網站 藝版異言  www.ms24ck.blogspot.com

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